Ahhh, Monday! The first day of a new week. The first week of a new month.

The first opportunity to make a cup of hot chocolate.

And this one is a doozy! So sit back, relax, and dream with me. Your ideal setting. Your favorite music playing in the background. Your mug is wafting chocolatey goodness to you. And you feel… excitement? Anticipation? Like the suspense is killing you?

Because you haven’t watched my video yet!

You can make your own Magical Chocolate Elixir! And it’s so easy, even baby dragons could do it. Just avoid open flames or they will think the fire is their mother. To disastrous effect.

You will need:
A mug
Enough of a sense of humor to fill that mug
The tiniest chocolate bar in all of Middle Earth
A handful of sand
A spoonful of Mongolian bell thistles
A gullible friend
Some imagination

Bring all ingredients to a boil (don’t stir, or you’ll evaporate the magic). When steaming, pour into a mug and give it to your gullible friend. Enjoy.

It's a good Monday on the first day of April! Check out this very special joke recipe to share with a friend | #thechocolatetourist

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