It’s been a fun weekend – we ran for chocolate!

The San Diego Hot Chocolate 5k (America’s Sweetest Race) was yesterday, and Leanne and I started the week with chocolate and running! We were quite a pair – I, who had barely run since finishing Disney’s Tinkerbell half marathon in January, and she who was just getting over a terrible cold.

But we got out there, had fun, and met a bunch of other like-minded runners!

The post-race after party with chocolate fondue! Running America's Sweetest Race in San Diego, CA | #TheChocolateTouristAccompanying us was Leanne’s husband and our cameraman, Michael, who encouraged us and kept us company along the way. And helped us taste-test our post-race chocolate.

The idea of chocolate as a finish line motivation makes perfect sense to me. Recovery drinks (Gatorade, Powerade) are basically liquid sugar and salt, helping your body replace the electrolytes lost through sweat and stress.

Not only are a few sips of hot chocolate a great way to kickstart your post race recovery, but it tastes great. Throw in a few pretzels and a banana dipped in chocolate fondue, and you have a winner – in more ways than one!

More on the joys of San Diego, antioxidants, and chocolate as a performance enhancer later this week. But for now - here’s how to make your own Finisher’s Mug!

You will need:
A mug
Enough hot chocolate to fill that mug
A bowl
A handful of chocolate chips
A banana
A handful of pretzels
A rice krispie treat
A graham cracker
A giant marshmallow
A pickle (just kidding) (actually, that might be good) (you can if you want)

Step One: go run! Or kickbox or hot yoga, whatever you like to do. Dance your pants off. Then whip yourself up some hot chocolate and melt those chocolate chips in the microwave.

Assemble your dippables and start with your favorite!

Depending on how far you ran, you may not need all these things – I know when I ran the 15k a couple years ago, I basically devoured the entire collection. But yesterday a handful of pretzels and half a banana did the trick.

What about you? Did you run the hot chocolate race? What did you think of chocolate for your recovery snack?

Off to the races! We run for chocolate and make our own post-race Finisher's Mug | #TheChocolateTourist

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