I may not be Irish, but I can still appreciate a country that brings us Guinness, sheep farmers and Chris O’Dowd. And Saint Patrick’s Day is for everyone, right? Today we raise a glass to himself, full of chocolate and touched with Irish cream.

Bailey’s has a touch of chocolatey flavor to it anyway, so why not put it in our hot chocolate? Whether you make your own or buy it off the shelf, you can whip up this tasty treat in no time.

I made my own Bailey’s (adjusted to include a little less whiskey than the recipe calls for), which means one quart jar of Irish Cream has one cup of whiskey. I used about half a cup of the mix in my hot chocolate, which means I ended up with around an ounce of booze in the whole mug.

Not an unreasonable amount by any means, but boy – you taste it.

If you’d prefer a lighter touch on the alcoholic side of things, I suggest you reduce the Bailey’s to a quarter of a mug and fill the rest with milk.

You will need:
A mug
Enough Bailey’s to fill half that mug
Enough milk to fill the rest
A spoonful of cocoa powder
A spoonful of sugar

Fill your mug to your comfort level with Irish Cream, followed with milk. Dump it all in a saucepan and whisk over medium heat. When your cocoa is dissolved and your mixture is steaming, it’s ready for human consumption!

Whether it’s an Irish celebration or not, this is a delicious way to drink your chocolate! What are you doing to celebrate today?

Pass the chocolate and spread the cheer.

Celebrating with whiskey and chocolate! A delicious hot chocolate recipe with Bailey's and a wink | The Chocolate Tourist blog

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