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Stumbling upon wonderful chocolate is always, well, wonderful! And when you discover it in a gorgeous setting, life seems pretty picture perfect.

A few weeks ago, my sweet hubby and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. In honor of this beautiful milestone, we drove up to the land of wine, fine food, and exquisite chocolate. The one and only, Napa Valley.

Kollar_Chocolate_BlogWe had a “to-do” list of places we wanted to visit and food we wanted to try.  One shop that I really wanted to find at some point on our trip was Kollar Chocolates in Yountville, CA. If you haven’t heard of Yountville, it’s a quaint little town about 9 miles north of downtown Napa.  In my opinion, it’s the “Beverly Hills” of Napa Valley and I was thrilled when my hubby booked a room there for a few nights.  Right after we checked in, the rain started coming down in buckets.  But, that didn’t stop us from exploring, so we got all bundled up and set out. After a few minutes of being outside, the rain started getting more intense, so we ducked in to a building called V Marketplace.

Once inside, the smell of chocolate hit us like millions of little kisses!  All of a sudden I remembered Koller Chocolates and realized that it had to be somewhere in this adorable little marketplace.

We hastened our step and a few seconds later, behold, there was the elegant storefront I had been longing to see.

Kollar StorefrontWe walked in and were struck by the display of beautiful chocolates before us! There was only one person in line ahead of us and we knew it had to be because of the crazy rainstorm outside.  This is a shop you could imagine a line a mile long come Valentine’s Day.  Thank goodness the holiday of love was last month!

Kollar Chocolate Truffle LandWhile our eyes were feasting on their beautiful chocolates while trying to figure out what we wanted to buy, the owner, Chef Kollar, came up and offered us each a sample of his famous Red Wine truffle.  We were so impressed by this because he was in the middle of what looked like a very important meeting with a large group of people but he took the time to personally offer us a sample of his chocolate.

At this point, we were hoping that the chocolates were as good as the service! His famous Red Wine truffle is infused with Napa Valley red wine and chocolate ganache.

Then, I took a bite….

Oh. My. Goodness.

Red Wine TruffleThe decadence was overwhelming!!! If you enjoy red wine, you will fall head-over-heals in love with this truffle.  Once you bite into it and break the shell, out comes ultra-creamy flavor of red wine and chocolate.  The red wine flavor didn’t overpower the chocolate and vice versa.  What a perfectly balanced truffle!

Next, we ordered a milk chocolate truffle that looked almost too pretty to eat.  It had a beautiful marble-texture on the shell. When we asked about how they do this, they said that they airbrush each truffle individually.  Not one is identical!

Courtesy of

Courtesy of







The inside of the treat was filled with pure milk chocolate ganache.  My hubby is the milk chocolate fan in our family, and I strongly prefer dark.

Because it’s my job (poor me, right) to taste chocolate, he was willing to share….

Did I marry well, or what!

I nibbled at the corner of it and found myself in that “oh wow” place.  I wasn’t expecting to love this truffle. The milk chocolate wasn’t too sweet and the flavor was incredible!  I may just turn into a milk chocolate fan yet. :-)

Milk Chocolate

Finally, we tried their sultry orange Grand Marnier truffle.  What an experience!

Courtesy of







The shell was a deep marbled orange color and inside was dark chocolate ganache infused with Grand Marnier liquor.  You don’t want any other flavors lingering in your mouth competing with this truffle.

Grand Marnier Truffle










The only thing disappointing about our trip was when our chocolate bag of truffles were gone.  We immensely enjoyed our trip to Kollar Chocolates and cannot wait to return.

Kollar ChocolatesIf you have plans to go to Northern Cal or if you are wine tasting through Napa Valley, take the time for a detour to visit Kollar Chocolates.

You won’t be sorry! :-)

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