When you think of chocolate, doesn’t it make you Hungary?



K Chocolatier and Malibu – two treats for one morning

But for real, Diane Kron’s chocolate shops will entice you to try at least one of the several samples on display. From the crisp rice bears covered in white, milk and dark chocolate (think Teddy Grahams, but made out of Rice Crispies and covered in chocolate) to K Chocolatier’s signature rum truffles, no casual passers by will go without.


Tom and Diane Kron emigrated to the US and took the New York chocolate world by storm, wowing the high profile taste buds of Jackie Kennedy, Katherine Hepburn and Andy Warhol. In addition to their delicious chocolate, K Chocolatier packages are gorgeous and inventive. I was struck by the unique gift boxes and bags that almost make you forget about what’s inside.

I wouldn’t mind having one of those show up on my doorstep to tell the truth.

The intensely family nature of this business is illustrated by the determination of Diane’s son, David Kron, who left his law career in New York in order to take over the work of chocolate making. After a crash course from his dad, David has been making the chocolate since Tom Kron passed away in 2010. The rest of the Kron family can often be seen in the Malibu and Beverly Hills shops, cheerfully carrying on the mission of chocolate love in LA and NYC.


In fact, if you’ve ever been inside a K Chocolatier shop, you probably already know everything I just wrote because anyone there will be happy to tell you the Kron family story! No chance of encountering a staff member who is unknowledgeable here.

The hallmarks of the family brand are low sugar recipes that allow the health benefits of the chocolate to shine. Chocolate is actually very healthy in itself – it’s the fat and sugar that are often added which obscure it’s life-giving properties. Even Dr. Oz recommends a dose of the dark stuff to reduce inflammation.

What may be slightly less healthy – but still totally delicious – are the cocktail shakers full of chocolate liquors. Beautiful dark chocolate filled with tequila, vodka, or whisky according to your preference. Each chocolate contains a quarter of a shot. So. Take it easy on those.

Chocolate and booze. It's a party in a cocktail shaker.

Chocolate and booze. Literally a party in a bag.

Sadly, K Chocolatier has no online ordering system, but if you give them a call and ask pretty please, they might just ship you some chocolates that will rock your world.

It’s worth a shot.

K-Chocolatier-milk-dark-bars K-Chocolatier-signature-truffles

Save yourself a trip to Hungary and go to Malibu instead!

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